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"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do." -- Helen Keller

Since 2002 we have donated a heafty portion of any shipping profits to those Animal Welfare and Rescue Organizations listed below. If you decide to Pay for Shipping ... Thank You!

AZGreyhounds, Inc. AZGreyHounds, Inc. - "Every year hundreds of young and healthy purebred Greyhounds are in need of adoption after their time on the track is through. Calm, gentle and eager to please, these graceful pets are quite comfortable giving up life in the fast lane. AZgreyhounds, located in Sierra Vista, AZ, is a Non-Profit corporation dedicated to the rescue and adoption of these beautiful animals and finding forever homes for each one. The program also provides educational programs to local schools and groups about retired Greyhounds, their history, Greyhound racing and our adoption program."  -- A Special 'Hello' going out to a special guy, Dave Breen! -- We Sure do Miss You Daisy & Harold!!!!

Humane Society of Southern Arizona The Humane Society of Southern Arizona -- We donate ONLY to their Spay/Neuter Clinic - "Rescuing, Protecting, and Saving animal lives since 1944." -- This is where Tonka was adopted from!

Benson Animal Shelter
 The Benson Animal Shelter - "The Benson Animal Shelter is a division of the Benson Police Department and is operated by the City of Benson. Our facility is dedicated to finding homes for the animals left abandoned, surrendered and lost within the City Limits as well as Cochise County. We maintain our shelter with the caring efforts and donations from our community along with the City of Benson. Our volunteers work daily with all our animals to increase socialization and training skills." -- A Special 'Hello' Going out to Paul -- Michelle still thanks you for your kindness to this day!

F.A.I.RF.A.I.R. - The Foundation for Animals In Risk - "To promote quality adoptions and improve lives for animals and their families until there are no more homeless pets in Pima County." -- This is where Goliath (beloved 1st canine fur-baby RIP), Loki and Cosmos (RIP) were adopted from -- When Michelle lived in Tucson, this is the Organization she volunteered for at the Grant Road PetSmart location.

Emergency Animal Assistance Other Local Animal Welfare and Rescue Emergencies - For example: When a local dog fighting ring is busted, abused animals are in need of medical assistance, when a call goes out for emergency donations to help, we try to do what we can.