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ZSOLD / Snakeskin Jasper Slab, 106x97x8.2mm
Snakeskin Jasper Slab
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ZSOLD / Snakeskin Jasper Slab, 106x97x8.2mm

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Australian Snakeskin Jasper Slab for Cabochon Makers, Lapidary Artists, or Lovers of Natural Stones. Featuring beautiful patterns and earthy colors, Snakeskin Jasper is from the Pilbara region of Western Australia -- it is a banded iron formation, making this a dense, heavy rock. -- You'll receive the EXACT Natural Snakeskin Jasper Slice Pictured.

Snakeskin Jasper Slab
- 106.0mm x 97.2mm x 8.2mm thick
- 4.17-inches x 3.28-inches x 0.32" thick
Weight : 6.38 oz. - 180.87 g.

Please Note: This is a lapidary rough slab; it is not polished. - As pics show this one's a bit rough with an obvious sawmark line on one side and a natural fragment line on the other; small micro-fractures are common with this hard material - All slabs are Cut in-house by Michelle of Silver Enchantments LLC here in the USA - There are some light saw marks that will not effect your cabochons. - Edges are rough and natural - Pictures taken Outdoors - Shown both Wet and Dry. - Measurements are given in total outside/widest points. - I try to show the most accurate photo possible, but there can be color variations due to monitor settings. - I try to note any excessive issues, but please zoom in to examine for any flaws. - I cannot be responsible for fractures, vugs or blemishes from mother nature.
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