ZSOLD / Crazy Moss Agate Cabochon, Arizona Agate Cab - Designer Gemstone Cabochon - Pennant / Shield 41.2mm x 24.8mm - SOLD

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Arizona Crazy Moss Agate Cabochon - Shield Cabochon perfect for Masculine Jewelry Designs worthy of a Knight or Knave!! This beautiful freeform Pennant Shield-shaped cabochon features natural swirling colors of rust-copper-bronze browns with areas of crazy and fortification agate throughout -- Natural beauty as only Mother Nature can do!... Cut from agate self-collected from Dixie Peak near the Chimney Beds in Arizona. This cabochon measures 41.2mm long (1.62") by 24.8mm wide (0.97") by 5.8mm at thickest point -- will make an excellent addition to any rock and mineral collection - or wrap or bezel-set to make a superb one-of-a-kind pendant.

Measurements : 41.2mm x 24.8mm by 5.8
Weight : 45.5 carats
OOAK Item # : CAB-348


Silver Enchantments Lapidary by Michelle designer cabochons are always handmade and diamond polished. Polished stones, especially plume and moss agates and brecciated materials, will almost always contain surface features such as vugs, pits, healed fractures, soft spots, or textures. We try to post pictures showing surface features or post extra warnings if there are surface features we think you should be aware of. We will never knowingly sell a stone with unstable fractures. The backside of our cabochons are considered semi-finished. They are diamond sanded to at least 220 grit, may contain flaws not visible from the front of the stone, and will generally have a slight edge bevel to reduce the chance of chipping. All of our cabochons will have a girdle that is polished to around the same level as the front of the stone and is suitable for wire wrapping or silver work. On stones sold as a loose cab we do our best to provide a girdle of equal height around each stone, but due to the infinite hardness variability of natural stone materials, girdle heights will vary in places and from stone to stone.