ZSOLD / Bloodstone Slab, 117x62x6.1mm
Bloodstone Slab

ZSOLD / Bloodstone Slab, 117x62x6.1mm

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Natural Bloodstone Slab for Lapidary or Display - Classic Dark Green with Blood spots throughout. Also called Heliotrope, Bloodstone may be classified as a Jasper or Chalcedony variety of Quartz, and is usually a combination of the two. You will receive the EXACT Bloodstone slice pictured.

Bloodstone Jasper Slab
- 117.8mm x 62.5mm x 6.1mm thick
- 4.64-inches x 2.46-inches x 0.24" thick
Weight: 2.59 oz. - 73.43 gr. - 367.13 ct.
OOAK Item - SLB0378B

Legend goes that this stone trapped the blood of Christ as it fell. Therefore it's healing qualities are often associated with stemming hemorrhages and nose bleeds, and thought to heal blood diseases and 'purify' the blood. Believed lucky for soldiers going into battle, to instill courage, strength and power to the wearer -- Hence it is also considered a beneficial stone to athletes. Metaphysically, Bloodstone is used to bring love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue, ground negative energy, a stone of Luck and Prosperity, and useful for cleansing the auric field. Widely used for situations needing justice, protection from the Evil Eye, bullying, and physical and emotional threats. Primary Chakras : Root and Heart

Please Note: This is a lapidary rough slab, not polished. - Slabs are Cut in-house by Michelle of Silver Enchantments LLC here in the USA - There are some light saw marks that will not effect your cabochons. - Edges are rough and natural - Pictures taken Outdoors - Shown both Wet and Dry. - Measurements are given in total outside/widest points. - I try to show the most accurate photo possible, but there can be color variations due to monitor settings. - I try to note any excessive issues, but please zoom in to examine for any flaws. - I cannot be responsible for fractures, vugs or blemishes from mother nature.