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Pagan Prayer Beads
Pagan Prayer Beads

Women's Mysteries Triple Goddess Pagan Prayer Meditation Beads

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Prayer beads can be a useful tool for meditation, focusing spiritual energies or creating a sacred space for yourself.

Women's Mysteries Rosary - This rosary honors the Goddess (All Women) in Her three-fold, or triple, nature as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

This form of prayer beads was designed especially for those who seek a connection with the Divine Feminine. This design, by DiAnna, was created with the cycles of a woman's life in mind - that of maiden, mother, and crone (elder/wise woman/grandma). The triple aspects of the Divine Feminine - the virtues of faith, hope and love; the cycles of a woman's life; and the Elements of Earth, Water and Fire.

A unique aspect of the Women's Mysteries Rosary is that it is all about the symbolism of 3. Working with the energy of 3, it is made with 3 decades of 7 (21) Glass Beads.

At one end is the Chalice; the other, the Pentacle.

The Chalice - The chalice symbolizes the element of water and the Womb of the Goddess. More generally, it represents the feminine energies of the universe.

The Signifcance of Glass - In a metaphysical sense, glass represents the Fragility of Life, and the Magickal mixing of Fire and Gifts from the Sea (the elements of both Water and Earth).

When not being used, Witch's Ladder Rosaries make beautiful Altar adornments or protective amulets placed above or near a home's entry.

Overall this piece measures 8.5" from Chalice to Pentacle.