Flying Penis Pendant
Flying Penis Pendant

Winged Phallus Pendant Evil Eye Warding, Good Fortune, Fertility

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Bailed Winged Phallus Pendant (Pompeii)

The phallic bird was used in Ancient Greece and Italy for protection, evil eye warding and fertility rituals; also in Dionysian processions and celebrations. The phallus was an extremely popular symbol of fertility, good fortune, and protection that was often used to decorated houses and individuals. The symbol is also linked with the god Priapus, who was always depicted with a grossly exaggerated and erect penis. Images of him were popular in wall-painting and as bronze statuettes. As well as being considered a protector of property he was the god of the fertility of gardens and farms. This particular rendition was inspired by the Winged Phallus Wind-chimes found during the excavation of Pompeii (Italy).

Material : Mixed Media | Mixed Medium : Metal, Ink, Chalk, Paper, Professional Jewelry Resin

Overall Bailed Size, approx : 36mm x 30mm across (there are exactly 25.4mm to an inch)

This is a hand-crafted piece and, therefore, slight variations should be expected. Pendants are not completely waterproof, so please remove prior to swimming or bathing. All components are Lead and Nickel-free
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