Czech SuperDuo Beads
Czech SuperDuo Beads

SuperDuo Beads, RUBY Luster

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Ruby Czech SuperDuo Two Hole Beads
Color | Finish : Transparent Ruby with Luster Finish

Matubo Czech Preciosa Ornela Glass Super Duo Beads -- Superduo Beads are Czech Glass Two Hole Seed beads. They are similar in size and shape to the Czech Twin bead, but with a few very important differences. Superduo beads are pressed glass beads with uniform size and dimensional stability. Use as a connector or as a main material to work any beautiful beading project. The profile of a SuperDuo is much like an inverted hourglass, that tapers at the ends and widens in the middle. They create a honeycomb-like or diamond pattern when stacked together. The two holes will accommodate wire or thread up to 20 gauge (.032") thick.

Other Czech SuperDuo Bead Specifications:
- Approx Beads Per Bag : 125
- Size : 2.5mm x 5mm
- Hole Size: 0.8mm
- Material : Glass
- Country of Origin : Czech Republic
- Diagram : czech superduo beads
- Sold by : 10-gram Bag

Colors may vary slightly due to photography and representation on computer monitors and digital devices.

Super Duo beads are created in the same fashion that pressed beads have been made in the Czech Republic for hundreds of years. Canes of Bohemian glass rods are heated and then pressed with molds to create uniform beads with soft pillow-like edges.

You can use SuperDuo and Twin beads interchangeably in bead patterns to expand your color palette. These beads are not coated crystal or black glass like Twins but are actual colored glass with many coating options: Transparent, Opaque, Matte, Picasso, Luster, Celsian, Vega, Aurora Borealis (AB), Magic and other specialty coatings. These are AUTHENTIC Czech SuperDuo beads.

Please be aware that there are fake Super Duo Beads on the market. If there is no bump between the holes, it's an imitation. We only offer authentic SuperDuo beads in our shop.

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