Sterling Silver Bailed 3D Fairy Riding Frog - Both Sides Shown
Sterling Silver Bailed 3D Fairy Riding Frog - Both Sides Shown

Sterlling Silver Bailed 3D Fairy Riding Frog Charm

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Sterling Silver 3D Fairy Riding Frog Pendants
Size : 22mm x 22mm x 10mm
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Fairy Jewelry - Made in the USA

Fairy Symbolism | Faery Folklore
In folklore, fairies are mainly felt to be charitable to humans. They are known however to be playful and love to play tricks on mere mortals. They must be spoken well of and treated with respect, or you may rouse their anger. Folklore speaks of leaving small trinkets as gifts to fairies, such as small beads and dainty deserts, to gain their favor.

Belief in fairies is universal among almost all cultures. Scholars attribute fairies to the sirens of Homer, the nymphs of the Iliad, celestial singers in Sanscrit poetry, spirits of the Pacific Islands, and Hathor of ancient Egypt. In more recent folk culture, you will find leprechauns - wee folk of Ireland, the brownies of Britain and the kobold from the faerie realm of Germany.

Fairies live in their own enchanted realm -- The pathway to Faeryland is the 7-pointed Fairy Star --but they also have been sighted among the flowers, woodlands, hills and streams - sometimes riding on their fairy steeds or flitting from flower to flower. When fairies gather together to sing and dance, you might find a fairy ring of toadstools / mushrooms after they have left.