Sterling Silver Inverted Tree of Life Charm
Sterling Silver Celtic Tree of Life Necklace Pendant

Sterling Silver Inverted Tree of Life Charm

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Pendant with Jump Ring Only
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on 18" SS Chain & Boxed [+$16.00]
Single Sterling Earring [+$3.00]
Celtic Tree of Life Jewelry -- As Above, So Below Tree of Life Pendants
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Overall Pendant Size, approx. : 25mm x 18mm = ~1+" x 3/4"
Celtic Jewelry - Made in the USA
**This versatile piece can also be used as a dangler, connector centerpiece, etc. -- Just invert it & slip on beads, a jump-ring, etc. ... The only limit's your imagination with many of our items!
Charm and pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
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Tree of Life


Tree of Life Symbolism - World Tree / Gaia / Ygddrissl
From Ancient Celtic Lore comes the concept that all living things arise from the Great Mother, Gaia, source of Life and nourishment. She is often depicted as a vessel or pot, roundish for the earth which she represents, a cradle from which arises the World Tree, The Tree of Life. Though each tree had a different meanings to the ancient Celts the tree was uniformly venerated as a source of wisdom and hope, an enduring link between the upper and lower worlds, a reminder of the eternal cycle of Life & the Seasons. It roots are deep in the earth and its branches stretched to the heavens. Its trunk exists within this realm. The Tree of Life serves as a simultaneous reminder of our roots and our destination. As it is above, so it is below with half of its being in light and the other half in darkness, half in air and fire and half in water and earth, half male and half female.


> You can Customize this item into a Tree of Life Necklace -- Choose from : Pendant Only, or on a Sterling Silver Necklace Chain (please see last picture for current chain style). When Selecting on a SS Chain, Your Sterling Silver Celtic Necklace will come Boxed.

> This pendant can also be converted into a Custom made Sterling Silver Dangling Earring. If you need a pair of them, order 2.


This Pendant is made from Solid 92.5 Sterling Silver. Real Sterling NEVER contains nickel or lead. Our charms, pendants, earrings and findings listed as Sterling Silver in this shoppe are NOT silver plated or silver filled; they are NOT silver plated, or 'silver colored', 'antique silver' or sterling silver plated -- that is just plain confusing!

A Sterling, SS or .925 quality mark that is stamped directly on the object OR attached as a tag is supposed to indicate that the entire piece is Sterling Silver. According to the National Gold and Silver Act if a piece is marked or has an attached tag that says “sterling”, "SS" or “925,” it must be SOLID sterling Silver, not sterling silver plated or sterling silver filled. SADLY -- Lately many pieces coming out of different countries have a 925 stamped on them -- After we've had them assayed, however, it turns out many of these pieces are only 20 to 60-percent silver (not 92.5) -- Remember, ANYONE can stamp a piece -- .925 stamps are readily available on the jewelry making market.

Please be careful out there! -- If you would like to see how Lost Wax Casting is done, please feel free to visit our website or YouTube Channel.

We hope this information helps you when buying your Sterling Silver jewelry.



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