Sterling Silver Beader Bailed Starfish
Sterling Silver Beader Bailed Starfish

Sterling Silver Starfish Charm, Beader Bailed Sea Star

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Sterling Silver Beader Bailed Starfish Charms-Pendants
Overall Bailed Size : 18mm x 15mm = ~3/4" x 5/8"
Bail Opening = ~2.25mm
Starfish Jewelry - Made in the USA
Sold by : Charm-Pendant

Starfish or Sea Stars are said to have fallen from the Heavens to Earth. In Christianity they symbolize the Virgin Mary. In paganism they often symbolize : regeneration, healing, protection, friendship, guidance, and making a difference. It is no wonder, as the starfish can regenerate lost arms and have a natural protection or 'armour' made of spines -- which are used for protection from predators, which include birds, fish and sea otters. Sea Stars are truly remarkable examples of the wonders of sea life.