Sterling Silver Fancy Shell Charm
Sterling Silver Fancy Shell Charm

Sterling Silver Fancy Sea Shell Charm-Pendant 21x9x4mm

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Charm-Pendant with Jump Ring Only
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Sterling Silver Fancy Seashell Charms | Seashell Jewelry
Overall Size, approx. : 21mm x 9mm x 4mm = ~13/16" x 3/8" x 1/8"
Metal : .925 Solid Sterling Silver
Seashell Jewelry - Made in the USA
Charm and pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
Sold by: Charm-Pendant, Necklace or Earring(s)


In many cultures the seashell is considered a lunar symbol. As the tides rise and fall the shells are displayed by the ocean and then taken back again. As the ocean always renews itself, so seashells are always highly energized. In Christianity the snails, mussels, and seashells are seen as the resurrection. Many cultures used seashells as currency. Shells are sometimes used as a fertility symbol, and were used to adorn the high priestesses and priests of various cultures. The wearer of the seashell talisman often will not relate to the material world and as a matter of fact, may not have many worldly possessions. Interestingly, people that wear seashells also seem to have an affinity for whales, porpoises, and all sea life.


> You can Customize this item into a Seashell Necklace -- Choose from : Charm Only, or on a Sterling Silver Necklace Chain (see last pic for current chain style). When selecting on a SS Chain, your Solid Sterling Silver Seashell Necklace will come Boxed.