Sterling Silver 7-pointed Septagram Star Earrings
Sterling Silver 7-pointed Septagram Star Earrings

Sterling Silver Septagram Earrings, 7-pointed Star Earrings

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Sterling Silver Septagram Earrings, 7-pointed Fairy Star Earrings
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A Pair of Custom-made Sterling Silver Septagram Star Earrings. Solid .925 Sterling Silver Construction. These 7-Pointed Fairy Star Charm Earrings are both Cast and Assembled here in the USA. You'll receive a Pair.

Elven Star Earrings - Seven Pointed Star Earrings, Septagram Earrings, Heptagram Earrings, Fairy Star Earrings - The septagram is a continuously drawn figure having seven points. It is a less common religious symbol than the pentagram, but it is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the Faery tradition, where it is called the Elven or Fairy star.

Sterling Silver 7-pointed Fairy Star Earrings
Charm Size : 30mm x 25mm
Solid .925 Sterling Silver Construction
Made in the USA
made in the usa
Sold by : Pair

The seven-pointed star is known as an elven star, or faerie star, septagram, or septacle. It is said that the seven points of the star are representative of the seven stars called Pleiades, or seven sisters star cluster. The number 7 is considered a very magickal number, and is sacred in many traditions. You may sometimes see the points on the star labeled as follows: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below, Within.



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