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Sterling Silver Druid Pentacle Pendant
Sterling Silver Druid Pentacle Pendant

Sterling Silver Woodland Pentacle Pendant, Pagan Druid Jewelry

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Sterling Silver Druid Pentacle Charm
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Surrounded by Leaves, this Sterling Silver Druidic Pentacle Pendant comes Alone or on your choice of 16-inch or 18-inch SS Necklace Chain. The pentacle measures approximately 3/4" across and is hand-cast by us here in the United States in Solid Sterling Silver via the Lost Wax Casting Process.

Sterling Silver Druid Pentacle of Leaves Necklace
Overall Pentacle Size, approx : 22mm x 18mm = ~7/8" x 3/4" across
Metal : .925 - Solid Sterling Silver
Pagan Jewelry - Made in the USA by US via the Lost Wax Casting Process
Pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
Manufacturer : Silver Enchantments LLC - a U.S. Family-Owned Small Business -- US!
Sold by : Necklace


> Choose from Pendant Only or on a 16" or 18" Solid Sterling Silver Necklace Chain -- Please see last picture for current chain style. When selecting on a SS Chain, your Pentacle Necklace will come Boxed.


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Pentacle Symbolism - The Pentacle is simply a pentagram (star) with a circle around it. This symbolizes eternity, totality, and unity. It emphasizes the inter-connectivity of all of the elements. The direct and indirect relation of one element to the other.

Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients:
EARTH: (lower left hand corner) represents stability and physical endurance.
FIRE: (lower right hand corner) represents courage and daring.
WATER: (upper right hand corner) represents emotions and intuition.
AIR: (upper left hand corner) represents intelligence and the arts.
SPIRIT: (at the topmost point) represents the All and the Divine.


Chain and Pendant are made from Solid 92.5 Sterling Silver. Real Sterling NEVER contains nickel or lead. Our charms, pendants, earrings and findings listed in this shoppe are NOT silver plated or silver filled; they are NOT silver plated, or 'silver colored', 'antique silver' or sterling silver plated -- They're SOLID Sterling Silver (.925)!

A Sterling, SS or .925 quality mark that is stamped directly on the object OR attached as a tag is supposed to indicate that the entire piece is Sterling Silver. According to the National Gold and Silver Act if a piece is marked or has an attached tag that says “sterling”, "SS" or “925,” it must be SOLID sterling Silver, not sterling silver plated or sterling silver filled. SADLY -- Lately many pieces coming out of different countries have a 925 stamped on them -- After we've had them assayed, however, it turns out many of these pieces are only 20 to 60-percent silver (not 92.5) -- Remember, ANYONE can stamp a piece -- .925 stamps are readily available on the jewelry making market.

Please be careful out there! -- If you would like to see how Lost Wax Casting is done, please feel free to visit our Website, Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

We hope this information helps you when buying your Sterling Silver jewelry.