Sterling Silver Malachite Ring Size 8, .Bullseye Malachite

Sterling Silver Malachite Ring Size 8, .Bullseye Malachite

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Natural Malachite and Solid .925 Sterling Silver Ring. The Teardrop-shaped Genuine Bulls-eye Malachite is set-off-with a Decorative Raised Bezel Setting -- Gorgeous Statement Ring. The Malachite gemstone cabochon fancy surround (front) measures approximately 25mm tall x 17mm wide at base. U.S. Size : 8.

MALACHITE - Banded malachite is a blend of lush medium and dark greens. Powdered malachite was once used as a cosmetic. The Greeks associated Malachite with Venus, as copper is her metal, and copper left open to the elements becomes the green stain of Malachite. Egyptians and Europeans of the Middle Ages believed Malachite protected children from evil spirits and 'witchcraft'. Most green stones are associated with abundance and wealth and so Malachite is also said to bring prosperity to it's wearer, sometimes also referred to as the 'Business Man's Stone'.

ABOUT SILVER: Ruled by the Moon, called Luna by alchemists, Silver is a noble metal of the ancients... Used for enhancing and empowering the psychic abilities of the wearer, protection, calming, reflecting or neutralizing negativity, dreams and intuition, psychic work, money-drawing, feminine force rituals and Lunar Magicks. Silver resonates strongly with the 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna). Silver has always held a value above material and economic considerations. Gifts of silver jewelry in many cultures are given as a symbol of trust, truth, excellence, wisdom and love. It is also a symbol of strength as it can stand the test of time.


Banded Malachite : ~25m x 17mm = 0.98-inches x 0.67-inches
Size : U.S. Size 8
Ring Band is ~3.5mm wide = 0.14-inches
.925 Hallmarked
You will receive the EXACT Malachite Ring Shown.
Comes in a Gorgeous Ring Box
OOAK Item # : SE-GSP295


This Ring is made from Genuine Gemstones and Solid .925 Sterling Silver. Real Sterling NEVER contains nickel or lead. Our charms, pendants, earrings and findings listed in this shoppe as STERLING SILVER are NOT silver plated or silver filled; they are NOT silver plated, or 'silver colored', 'antique silver' or sterling silver plated -- that is just plain confusing!

A Sterling, SS or .925 quality mark that is stamped directly on the object OR attached as a tag is supposed to indicate that the entire piece is Sterling Silver. According to the National Gold and Silver Act if a piece is marked or has an attached tag that says “sterling”, "SS" or “925,” it must be SOLID sterling Silver, not sterling silver plated or sterling silver filled. SADLY -- Lately many pieces coming out of different countries have a 925 stamped on them -- After we've had them assayed, however, it turns out many of these pieces are only 20 to 60-percent silver (not 92.5) -- Remember, ANYONE can stamp a piece -- .925 stamps are readily available on the jewelry making market.

Please be careful out there! -- If you would like to see how Lost Wax Casting is done, please feel free to visit our website or YouTube Channel.

We hope this information helps you when buying your Sterling Silver jewelry.