Sterling Silver Drawing Down the Moon Goddess Pentacle Pendant
Sterling Silver Drawing Down the Moon Goddess Pentacle Pendant

Sterling Silver Drawing Down the Moon Pentacle Pendant

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Sterling Silver Drawing Down the Moon Pentacle Pendants | Priestess Drawing Down the Moon Pentagram Pendants
Overall Size, approx : 31mm x 22mm = ~1-1/4" tall x 7/8" wide
Made in the USA in SOLID .925 Sterling Silver
Hidden Bail in Back
made in the usa
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Lunar Goddess Folklore / Lunar Goddess Symbolism - Representing the Goddess or female energies, throughout history the Moon has had a deep and powerful significance on people's lives, and has been worshiped by people all over the world. The Moon has become a symbol representing many different things to many people, and will continually have a deep and significant meaning deep within our soul. In Paganism, the Moon reigns over the worlds of intuition, psychic ability, poetry, rain, emotions, travel, questing, secrets, reflection & meditation, memory, prophecy, plant life, healing, and the march of time.

Drawing Down the Moon - The moon is associated with witchcraft, magic, and sorcery, and is considered to be the source of witches' power. The ancient witches of Thessaly were said to have the power to draw the moon down from the sky at their command; a symbolic ritual of drawing down the moon is still performed in modern Witchcraft. Witches hold their meetings, called 'circles' or 'sabbats', and perform their magic spells in accordance with lunar phases. The waxing moon is propitious for growth, achievement, good fortune, and healing spells; the waning moon is propitious for banishing spells and the undoing of harm and negative influences.