Sterling Silver Fairy Ring
Sterling Silver Fairy Ring

Sterling Silver Fairy Ring, Size 6

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Sterling Silver Fairy Rings
Features a Fairy Flying amongst Flowers
Made in the USA
Metal : .925 - Solid Sterling Silver
Vault Treasure - Once Sold Out, Gone Forever. - We are no longer casting rings.
Size : Front Ring Height, approx : 12mm
Made in U.S. Size 6
Sold by : Ring

PLEASE NOTE : When Sold-out, these Fair Rings will no longer be made -- we are no longer casting this style.

Belief in fairies is universal among almost all cultures. Scholars attribute fairies to the sirens of Homer, the nymphs of the Iliad, celestial singers in Sanscrit poetry, spirits of the Pacific Islands, and Hathor of Ancient Egypt. In more recent folk culture, you will find leprechauns - wee folk of Ireland, the brownies of Britain and the kobold from the faerie realm of Germany.


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