Sterling Silver Ouroboros Earrings, Dragon Ouroboros Earrings
Sterling Silver Ouroboros Dragon Earrings

Sterling Silver Ouroboros Earrings, Dragon Ouroboros Earrings

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Sterling Silver Ouroboros Dragon Earrings
Dangling Charm Size : 24mm x 22mm = ~1" x 7/8"
Solid .925 Sterling Silver Construction
On SS Earwires, these Dragon Ouroboros Earrings measure about 1-1/2" from top to bottom.
Fantasy Jewelry - Made in the USA
made in the usa
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Ouroboros Symbolism -- The Ouroboros (pronounced as Or-O-bOr-Os) is a snake, worm (wyrm), serpent or dragon biting its own tail and/or devouring itself. Indeed, the name roughly translates as 'devouring its tail' or 'tail devourer'. Alternate spellings include: oroborus, uroboros, and oureboros. It is an ancient symbol that's primarily associated with the Greeks, who gave it its current name, though it appears in many other cultures as well. It is one of the archetypal symbols, and may be as old as human civilization itself. It symbolizes many things -- time, the continuity of life, immortality, infinity, eternity, perfection, completion, the cyclic nature of the universe, the self-sufficiency of nature and the rebirth of the earth, to name but a few. The Ouroboros is the Universal Serpent which passes through all things -- the One, the All.



Sterling Silver Ouroboros Pendant, Dragon Ouroboros
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