Sterling Silver Athame Earrings
Sterling Silver Athame Earrings

Sterling Silver Athame Earrings, 3D Witch Dagger Blade

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Sterling Silver Athame Earrings | Dagger Earrings
Charm Size : 24mm x 7mm
On SS Earwires, these Witch Dagger Earrings are about 1-1/2" from top to bottom.
Solid Sterling Silver Construction
Made in the USA
made in the usa
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The Magick Knife (Athame, Seax, Yag-dirk, or witch's dagger) is the tool of the element Air (sometimes Fire). The blade is most often double edged, and in many traditions, black hilted. The athame represents utilization of the will force, and the double-edged power of freedom and responsibility. The athame is a witches primary tool for rituals and circle magic. It is the instrument used to direct energy, draw magickal circles and other diagrams, in the midst of which many spells are cast and stands for intellect, right thinking, and calculation. It is seldom used to invoke or call upon the Deities for it is an instrument of commanding and power manipulation. We'd rather invoke the Goddess and God. Highly coveted, once consecrated, this tool is extremely precious to Wiccan/Pagan folk!



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Sterling Silver Athame Charm, 3D Witch's Dagger
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