Sterling Silver Celtic Witch Knot Jewelry Connectors
Sterling Silver Celtic Witch Knot Jewelry Connectors

Sterling Silver Celtic Witch Knot Jewelry Connector, Celtic Jewelry Finding

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Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Jewelry Findings
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Sterling Silver Celtic Witch's Knot Jewelry Findings, Celtic Jewelry Connectors
Overall Size : 19mm x 8mm = ~3/4" x 5/16"
Made in the USA
Make Your Own Designer Celtic Jewelry
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Sold by : Piece | Connector - 2 pieces minimum.
Picture shows both sides
made in the usa


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Witch's Knot Symbolism - The Witches Knot is also known as the Magic Knot and the witch charm. It has become a symbol of protection against malevolent witchcraft. History tells us the witches used knotted cords to tie up the weather, to create circles of protection, and to bind things magically. Just as magic knots were used to bind things, so it was also used to release things, in general things that were within the witches' power to release. Knots were also used to contain power, and were a puzzle in reference to the power they contained. In order to possess that power one had to untie the knot. Knots were also used to tie up or bind illnesses away from their victims and in this way were tools of healing.

Basic knotting chant :
By knot of one spell’s begun
By knot of two it cometh true
By knot of three so mote it be
By knot of four this power I store
By knot of five this spell is alive
By knot of six this spell I fix
By knot of seven I’ll leaven
By knot of eight it will be fate
By knot of nine what’s done is mine.