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Sterling Silver State Champs Charm
Sterling Silver State Champs Charm

Sterling Silver STATE CHAMPS Affirmation Charm

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Sterling Silver State Champs Charms

Made in the USA, this Solid Sterling Silver State Champs Affirmation necklace charm is about the size of a Quarter (23 mm / about 7/8" round). The affirmation words "State Champs" are imprinted on both sides of the affirmation charm.

Because of the symbolic nature of a circle and the affirmations or phrases engraved on both sides, these circle necklace charms can be very inspirational -- especially when worn over the heart. Because they are solid sterling silver they are very fashionable and because of their unique shape, they turns heads everywhere you go.

State Champs Affirmation Necklace Chains also available.
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affirmation rings | affirmation charms | affirmation necklace pendantWe have Sterling Silver Affirmation Charms for all occasions, needs and personalities:
Collect all these Sterling Silver Affirmation Pendants and you'll have jewelry for virtually every occasion, for every mood or every need. Because these Affirmation Rings are Sterling Silver they can be worn with virtually any type of jewelry and with a jump ring they make nice bracelet charms. Please See : How to Make a Charm Bracelet for Basic Instructions.