Spectrolite Bead Pendants, Oval  40x30mm Faceted
Faceted Spectrolite Focal Pendant Bead, 40x30mm

Spectrolite Bead Pendants, Oval 40x30mm Faceted

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CLEARANCE Shimmering Oval Spectrolite Focal Beads
a.k.a., Black Labradorite
Size : 40mm x 30mm x ~8mm thick
Hole : ~0.068" = 1.7mm
Style : Faceted
Sold by : Piece - 10 min.
These Gemstone Focal Pendants are One-of-a-Kinds and will add a beautiful focal-point to your Beaded Jewelry Creations. As these are Natural Gemstone Material, each one will be different. Picture shown are examples.About Spectrolite - This brilliantly iridescent material is regarded as the world's most beautiful form of Labradorite. Spectrolite belongs to the Plagioclase Feldspar Group, a series of mixtures of sodium and calcium aluminum silicates. While standard labradorite has a light green-gray base and moderate play of color (called labradorescence or schiller), Spectrolite has a dark or black base and reflects an entire spectrum of colors. Blue is spectrolite's most common play of color.

Spectrolite emits a powerful light energy and is said to be a gemstone of transformation and utilization of the subconscious mind. It attracts strength and provided vitality. The stone also provides clarity to the inner self and enhances patience. With its shifting sheen of blues, greens and yellow can be seen as a colorful 'shield' against auric weakness.

Like Labradorite, Spectrolite beads may be naturally enhanced with sterling silver beads and silver jewelry findings. Also lovely with pearls, rainbow moonstone and iolite. These Beads have Awesome Blue Fire. Spectrolite is Also Known As : Black Labradorite.