Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant
Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

Pentacle Large Hole Pendant, Antique Silver Big Hole Pentagram

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Tibetan Silver Big Hole Pentacle Pendants Fits All European Add a Bead Jewelry - Featuring a Double-Sided Pentacle and Unisex Large Hole Bail

Pentacle Symbolism - The Pentagram dates back thousands of years to pre-Babylonian Sumer (~3500 BCE). Many religions have once used this symbol ... the Jewish people saw it as a symbol of the Five Books of Moses, and Christians once used it as a protective amulet. It has been called such things as the Druid's Foot and the Witches' Star.

The Pentacle is simply a pentagram (star) with a circle around it. It emphasizes the inter-connectivity of all of the elements. The direct and indirect relation of one element to the other. Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients:
EARTH: (lower left hand corner) represents stability and physical endurance.
FIRE: (lower right hand corner) represents courage and daring.
WATER: (upper right hand corner) represents emotions and intuition.
AIR: (upper left hand corner) represents intelligence and the arts.
SPIRIT: (at the topmost point) represents the All and the Divine.

Overall Measures : 31mm (~1-1/4") long x 17mm (just under 11/16") wide. The bead-bail hole size is approximately 5mm, and it is compatible with nearly all of the well-known brand-name add-a-bead style jewelry systems. (ie Tro*, Pand*ra, Biag*, Camill*) and similar style beadable items. Lead/Nickle-free Metal Alloy.

This can also be slid onto a cord, chain, or ribbon, and worn as a pendant. Sorry, cord is not included.


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