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Silver Gryphon Necklace
Silver Gryphon Necklace

Large Gryphon Necklace, Griffin Necklace

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Gryphon Necklace - Antique silver pewter Griffin Pendnat suspended from silver plated necklace chain with lobster clasp closure. The Gryphon pendant measures about 44mm x 32mm = ~1-3/4" x 1-1/4". All lead and nickel-free metals used. Sold by Necklace.

Gryphon Symbolism | Griffin Folklore
In European bestiaries the griffin is usually portrayed as awesomely fierce. This magnificent creature was thought to dwell in the mountains, from which it swooped down on its prey. With its powerful talons the beast could carry back to its nest a horse and rider — it was said to have a ravenous appetite for both. Sometimes, griffins were themselves used for transport by the Gods; the chariot that bore Nemesis, the Greek Goddess of Vengeance, was frequently drawn by griffins.


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