Large Cobra Pendant
Large Cobra Pendant

Large Silver Cobra Necklace, Snake Necklace

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Cobra Necklace - A large dimensional Cobra Pendant suspended from chain. The antiqued silver plated pendant measures approx 40mm x 19mm x 10mm thick = ~1-9/16" tall x 3/4" wide (excluding attached jump-ring, not shown). All lead free and nickel free metals used. Sold by Necklace on your choice of Necklace chain with lobster clasp closure.

Cobra Symbolism - The uraeus was the Egyptian cobra symbol of the Goddess as creatress. The symbol was worn on the foreheads of deities and rulers in the position of the Third Eye of insight, and stood for royal spirit, healing, and wisdom. In hieroglyphics, the uraeus was the sign for Goddess, derived from Uatchet.


In Stock and Ready to Ship