Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant
Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

SOLDOUT - Celtic Knot Large Hole Dangle - Fits All European Add a Bead Jewelry

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Featuring a Celtic Knot and Unisex Large Hole Bail, this Bead-Charm is made of lead-free Tibetan Silver.

Witch's Knot Symbolism - The Witches Knot is also known as the Magic Knot and the witch charm. It has become a symbol of protection against malevolent witchcraft. In some traditions witches use knotted cords to tie up the weather, to create circles of protection, and to bind things magickally. Just as magic knots are used to bind things, so they are also used to release things, in general things that are within a witches' power to release. Knots are also used to contain power, and to tie up or bind illnesses away from victims -- in this way knots are tools of healing.

Overall Measures : 29mm (just over 1") long x 14mm (just over 1/2") wide. The bead-bail hole size is approximately 6mm, and it is compatible with all of the well-known brand-name add-a-bead style jewelry systems. (ie Tro*, Pand*ra, Biag*, Camill*) and similar style beadable items.

This can also be slid onto a cord, chain, or ribbon, and worn as a pendant. Sorry, cord is not included.