SOLD - Large Rhodonite Cabochon, Shield Cab, Colorodo Rhodonite

SOLD - Large Rhodonite Cabochon, Shield Cab, Colorodo Rhodonite

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Colorado Rhodonite Shield Cabochon - Gemstone cabochon perfect for Jewelry Designers... This beautiful Shield-shaped cabochon features the natural pink colors of classic Rhodonite with Black veining -- Natural beauty as only Mother Nature can do!... Cut from gemstone from Colorado (USA). This cabochon measures 47mm long (1.85") by 27.7mm wide (1.09") by 7.1mm at thickest point -- will make an excellent addition to any rock and mineral collection - or wrap or bezel-set to make a unique one-of-a-kind pendant.

Measurements : 47mm x 27.7mm by 7.1mm
Weight : 92.5 carats
OOAK Item # : CAB-352

RHODONITE is a pink manganese mineral. The gemstone name Rhodonite comes from 'rhodos', the Greek word for Rose, referring to the stone’s distinct pink or rose red color. Rhodonite became the official state mineral of Colorado in June of 1902. Rhodonite is considered a stone of Grace and elegance used to decrease anxiety while increasing attention to detail. Chakra : Heart


Rocky Ridge Lapidary by Michelle of designer cabochons are always handmade and diamond polished. The backside of our cabochons are considered semi-finished. They are diamond sanded to at least 220 grit, may contain flaws not visible from the front of the stone, and will generally have a slight edge bevel to reduce the chance of chipping should you wish to bezel-set.