Designer Freeform Cab, Red Creek Jasper, 54x38mm
Designer Freeform Cab, Red Creek Jasper, 54x38mm

Red Creek Jasper Freeform Cabochon for Wire Wrapping or Bead Embroidery 54x38mm

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Freeform Red Creek Jasper Cabochon | Red Creek Jasper Cab
Into Creating One-of-a-Kind Jewelry? This is one for You!
Freeform Cabochon for Wire-Wrapping or Bead Embroidery
Style : Freeform Flat-back
Gemstone : Red Creek Jasper - This gemstone is also lately called : Cherry Creek Jasper or New Picasso Jasper
Overall Size, approx : 54mm x 38mm x 6mm (thick)
One of a kind. You'll receive the EXACT Cabochon Pictured.
OOAK Item # : CAB-135-C

Natural Gemstone Red Creek Jasper Freeform Cab for Wire-Wrapping, Bead Weaving or Pendant Setting - Red Creek Jasper - a.k.a., Red River Jasper | Cherry Creek Jasper | Multi Color Picasso Jasper - This gemstone is most commonly mined near the Red River in China. Banding, pattern and colors can vary from piece to piece. Red Creek Jasper has gorgeous combinations of natural tan, red, and sage-green colors. The swirling colors are broken up by a lined pattern that gives each cab, bead and/or pendant an undeniably natural look.


* I try to get the most accurate photo possible, however, due to the natural variation of certain stones and the differences in monitor settings, colors may vary slightly from what is pictured/listed here. All products intended for adult use only. All stone measurements are listed in millimeters, as that's considered the standard measuring unit in the gemstone industry -- It's the most accurate. There are exactly 25.4mm to an inch which is just over the size of a U.S. Quarter (which is 24.26mm / 0.955 in).

Our Cabs are Designed for Wire-Wrappers, those who Bezel-set or do Bead-Embroidery.

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