Ocean Jasper Slab
Ocean Jasper Slab

Ocean Jasper Slab, 140x93x6.2mm

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Ocean Jasper Slab with Druzy for Lapidary Artists, Cabochon Makers or Collectors - Ocean Jasper was found only at a remote location on the coast of northwest Madagascar at the ocean's edge. Ocean Jasper was reported to have been mined out in 2006, and the availability of good ocean jasper is becoming very rare. This Ocean Jasper features unique light slate grey-blue background with loads of character, lovely patterns and Druzy! -- Will make some beautiful cabochons. You will receive the EXACT Ocean Jasper Slice pictured.

Ocean Jasper Slab
- 140.7mm x 93.1mm x 6.2mm thick
- 5.54-inches x 3.66-inches x 0.24" thick
Weight : 4.74-ounces - 134.38-grams - 671.89-carats
OOAK Item - SLB0413B

Metaphysically, Ocean Jasper is used by crystal healers to alleviate stress and worry, and to induce tranquility. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilizes the aura -- It makes an ideal worry stone. Since it was originally found and harvested in the surf, some in the metaphysical community connect Ocean Jasper with Atlantis, the legendary island that sank beneath the waves, calling it Atlantean Jasper or The Atlantis Stone -- and holds mystic knowledge within its structure. It is used for reclaiming spiritual wisdom and gaining insight into one’s past lives. It is considered an ideal focus for grounding and centering in meditation.

Please Note: This is a lapidary rough slab; it is not polished. - Slabs are Cut in-house by Michelle of Silver Enchantments LLC here in the USA - There are some light saw marks that will not effect your cabochons. - Edges are rough and natural - Pictures taken Outdoors - Shown both Wet and Dry. - Measurements are given in total outside/widest points. - I try to show the most accurate photo possible, but there can be color variations due to monitor settings. - I try to note any excessive issues, but please zoom in to examine for any flaws. - I cannot be responsible for fractures, vugs or blemishes from mother nature. - Photo prop(s), cabochon example(s), etc. are not included.


In Stock and Ready to Ship