Natural Potato Pearls, avg 12x9mm
Natural Potato Pearls, avg 12x9mm

Natural Freshwater Potato Pearls avg 12x9mm

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Potato Pearls
Count : average 32 potato pearls per strand
Size : average 12mm x 9mm x 9mm
Color(s) : Natural White-Cream
Best used with 24-gauge (.020" | 0.51mm) or thinner
Sold by Strand.

Freshwater Potato Pearls range in shape from round to oval, and have a lumpy surface appearance that resembles a potato. Because of their uneven surface, they add character and uniqueness to any Necklace, Anklet, or Bracelet.

Pearls have been used for personal ornament for thousands of years. They were probably one of the earliest gems found by prehistoric man, being naturally-perfect objects which required no additional craftsmanship. Because of their natural beauty, they are associated with the matrix of life and some say that the pearl helps balance one's bodily rhythms and hormonal levels with lunar cycles. A simple 'string of pearls' is classic, but the unique luster of pearls in a range of colors makes this gem versatile in an array of designs. Like Pearls? Perhaps you'll also enjoy our Coral Beads, Glass Pearls and/or Mother of Pearl Beads.