Top-Drilled Teardrop Coin Mother of Pearl Beads
Top-Drilled Teardrop Coin Mother of Pearl Beads

Mother of Pearl Beads, 11mm Hot Pink Teardrop Coin

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CLEARANCE Wholesale Mother of Pearl Beads | Shell Pearl Beads - With their Natural, shimmery glow and inclusions, Mother of Pearl Beads add textural and visual interest to your Jewelry Designs, and these hot pink beads will add a pop of color. Sea shells were once used as money in many parts of the world, including Polynesia. Because of this, Mother-of-Pearl is often associated with money and riches and talismans to bring wealth are sometimes made with this gemstone. Legend says placing Mother-of-Pearl on a new infant will protect them from the perils of new life. Because Shell Beads are an organic gemstone, caution should be used when cleaning.

Mother of Pearl Beads
Style : Teardrop Coin Size : 11mm x 11mm x 4mm 'thick'
Hole : ~0.8mm
Color : Hot Pink
Count : average 40 beads / strand
Sold by : Industry-standard Strand - 10 min.