8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads
8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Miyuki Seed Beads 8/0, Opaque Eggshell with Lustre Glass Seed Beads Size 8, 8RR-0421

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Part Number:8-0421
Size 8/0 Miyuki Round Rocailles Seed Beads
Color : Opaque Eggshell White with Luster Finish

Miyuki is Japan's oldest seed bead manufacturer. Miyuki seed beads are known for being high quality beads. They are very uniform in size and shape. The holes are larger, than many other brands, allowing for more passes of thread. The Miyuki seed beads working beautifully for bead weaving, beadwork, simple stringing for jewelry and more. The beads are packed in a 10-gram bag.

Miyuki seed beads in size 8, also called round rocailles, are medium-sized seed beads. Size 8/0 Japanese round seed beads offer a great balance between versatility and ease of handling. Beginning bead weavers often favor size 8 for learning bead stitches because they are easier to see while still being small enough for stability. Size 8 round seed beads fit easily onto 18-gauge wire and .024 beading wire. They can be used with any size beading needle and thread. The Miyuki brand is world famous for being top-quality and available in a wide range of beautiful colors and finishes.

Other 8/0 Seed Bead Specifications:
- Approx Beads Per Gram : 37 to 40
- Approx Beads Per Bag : 390
- Size : 2mm x 3mm
- Hole Size: 1.1mm
- Beads per Linear Inch : 12 to 13
- Material : Glass
- Country of Origin : Japan
- Diagram : miyuki seed beads
- Sold by : 10-gram Bag