Malachite and Azurite in Quartz Cabochon with Copper Minerals - Pyramid Mountains New Mexico Designer Cab

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Self-collected in the Pyramid Mountains of Hidalgo County New Mexico, this hand-made gemstone cabochon displays an array of lovely minerals native to this area. Lovely seams of brilliant blue Azurite with light blue Malachite and and other copper and secondary minerals in a base of quartz.

Designer Gemstone Cabochon
Shape : Pennant Shield
Measurements, approx : 33 x 22.5 x 7.5
Weight, approx : 39.5 carats
OOAK Item # : CAB362

A Bit of History -- In the 1870's, many miners settled and worked in Hidalgo County, but it was isolated and made it difficult to transport ore out. With the completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1880. precious metals could be shipped economically from the county, mainly silver. In 1893, silver prices dropped sharply and the exploration for other metals began.

This gemstone was self-collected, cut and polished by me in my Benson, Arizona lapidary and jewelry making studio.