ZSOLDOUT - Magnesite Beads, Light Blue Turquoise Rondelle 10mm
Light Blue Magnesite 10mm Gemstone Rondelle Beads

ZSOLDOUT - Magnesite Beads, Light Blue Turquoise Rondelle 10mm

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Part Number:BD1883-HALFStrand
CLEARANCE Light Blue Turquoise Magnesite Gemstone Beads by the Half Strand for your Jewelry Designs. These Beautiful Light Blue Magnesite Gemstone Spacer Beads measure approximately 5mm x 10mm in diameter. You'll receive an industry half-strand of 38 to 39 Beads.

Magnesite Gemstone Beads
Size : 5mm x 10mm diameter
Hole : ~1mm
Shape : Rondelle, Wafer, Abacus
Count : 38-39 Beads
Gemstone : Magnesite
Color : Light Blue
Treatment : Dyed, Stabilized
Sold by : 7-inch Strand | Loose Beads, Bagged - 3 min.

Some More Info About the Gemstone : Magnesite Beads - Often referred to as Simulated Turquoise, Magnesite Beads are commonly stabilized and color shot except for the White (which is sometimes called Buffalo White Turquoise or simply White Turquoise). Magnesite is a mineral (magnesium carbonate). The stone is usually white to gray with streaks of matrix, but may range from colorless to gray to tan. The stone's opacity ranges from transparent to opaque. It belongs to the calcite group since it has the same crystal structure. Magnesite is often a good candidate for enhancement due to its porosity. Magnesite is sometimes known as lime turquoise, white turquoise, or marshmallow turquoise. Magnesite is used by crystal healers to assist in lessening PMS symptoms and strengthening bones. Some say it brings peace during meditation, stimulates passion, and assists in creative visualization.

Please Note : These are natural gemstone beads, therefore all sizes and numbers per strand given are approximations. Some beads may be larger or smaller than listed; some strands may have more or less beads than stated. All photos taken are from actual Limited Inventory. Colors may vary slightly due to photography and representation on computer monitors and digital devices.