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  5. Brown Rhyolite LEOPARDITE, Safari Jasper Tumbled Pebble for Crystal Healing Emotional Balance and Confidence
Natural Leopardite Jasper Tumbled Gemstone
Natural Leopardite Jasper Tumbled Gemstone

Brown Rhyolite LEOPARDITE, Safari Jasper Tumbled Pebble for Crystal Healing Emotional Balance and Confidence

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Brown Rhyolite LEOPARDITE, Safari Jasper Tumbled Pebble
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Brown Rhyolite Safari Jasper has Brown, grey or sandy with brown or black spots and swirls that resembles Leopard's Skin Jasper. Leopardite is a form of jasper than has leopard-like spots created by iron and manganese. Premium quality, each stone is polished and vary in size from approximately 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter.

These Leopardite Jaspers were mined in Peru. They are beautiful stones that resonates with all of the Lower Chakras, but especially the Root and Sacral Chakras. Leopardite helps one to connect with their Inner Wisdom, bringing emotional balance and boosting self-confidence by promoting harmony and stability. A useful gemstone that helps the user handle difficult problems with calm and reduce emotional stress. It also helps one to give and receive forgiveness and to reduce guilt and fear from past mistakes. Crystal healers use to assist digestive issues; soothing the stomach, liver, and gallbladder. Leopard jasper also is believed to help diminish negative emotions such as hate, insecurity and anger. Use to let go of Self Judgement and Judgment of Others. Metaphysically, Leopardite, since it is a form of Jasper, will also have the additional metaphysical properties of all Jaspers -- Grounding, protection and warding off negativity.

This listing is for ONE Leopardite Gemstone securely packaged. Please allow for natural variation of markings. I have taken these multiple angle pictures outdoors under natural, outdoor light conditions. These Safari Jaspers have been Full Moonlight Cleansed here in the Sonoran Desert (Arizona).

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