Leather Care

Leather Jewelry Care and Other Leather-related Information

Leather is a very durable material, but it requires proper care.

If you're buying a cuff or a bracelet, make sure you measure your wrist at the widest depending on the width of the bracelet. A 1/2-inch bracelet will NOT sit on your wrist in the same place as a 2-inch cuff.

Make sure to measure your wrist. -- Don't add anything to the real measurement of your wrist before sending that to me. I will add the proper length to your measurement so the bracelet fits properly. However, please do let me know if you'd like the fit a bit tight or a bit loose as this will influence the final length

The leather I use is always a little stiff right from the hide - even if I condition it in the making process. You need to give the leather some time to soften up and mold to the wearer.

After a while, leather should be recondition using oils or leather conditioner made for that purpose. These products can be found in any store that sells leather goods. Also, the water-resistant finish also need to be replenished after some time depending to what the item was exposed to. Again the appropriate products can be bought in any leather store.

Leather is a natural skin and is Not Water-Proof or even water-resistant by itself. Water (even just a drop) will be absorded by leather and it will stain.

My products are all treated with a Water-Resistant finish (note that I did NOT use the word Water-Proof). This finish will help the leather item resist a couple of drops of water here and there - like a light rain or a sweaty day. However, if the item keeps getting wet, the finish will not be able to protect it.

So you should always be careful around water with your leather items.
They should never be totally immersed in water. They should never be kept in a very humid place (the water will slowly accumulate in the leather and it will start to rot).

If you want the item to be waterproof - there are many products on the market sold mainly for leather jackets and shoes. You can use these on my leather products.

My Artisan Leather Pendants should Always be Handled with Love and Care... Please always remove before going to bed, etc.

Handmade leather items are truly one of kind.
Just using a different part of the same hide will not guarantee exactly the same dye absorption, the same look, the same feel. You should not expect two similar items to look exactly the same.
Keep in mind that dye colors can vary -- as will the leather grain.