Natural White Howlite Chips
Natural White Howlite Chips

Howlite Chips

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Natural White Howlite Chip Beads
Size : Varies - average 6mm x 12mm x 10mm (variation will naturally occur)
Count : average 75 beads per strand
Style / Shape : Chip-Nuggets
Sold by Strand.
Genuine Howlite Gemstone Beads - This stone is named after the mineralogist Mr. Henry How of Nova Scotia, who discovered Howlite in 1868. Howlite is thought helpful to those who procrastinate. Used to eliminate rudeness, anger, critical and offensive behavior. Encourages tact, loyalty and decency. Like Magnesite, Howlite takes dye well and is often used to imitate other, more expensive stones, such as Turquoise or Lapis Lazuli. Howlite is rather soft. Care should be used when wearing and cleaning. Natural howlite is a soft, opaque snowy white semi-precious gemstone with pastel gray streak veining. It offers a pure sense of beauty.