Rainbow Fluorite Chips
Rainbow Fluorite Chips

Fluorite Chips

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Rainbow Fluorite Chips
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Rainbow Fluorite Chip Beads - Size : Varies - average 6mm - Style / Shape : Freeform Chips - Sold by : Long 35 to 36-inch Strand.

Fluorite Beads - Green with purple is the most common color combination of fluorite, but it can also be clear, blue, yellow or brown. Chip beads are versatile design components and are great for multi-strand jewelry. Fluorite has long been associated with psychism. It is most commonly associated with psychic protection and fostering the intellect. Fluorite is said to give the spirit safe journey on astral projections and forays into the spirit world. Fluorite is used to 'purify' and 'detoxify' both the spirit and places. It is often recommended placed around computers and the workplace to reduce stress and relieve 'negative' forces. Fluorite, also called fluorspar, adds a refreshing touch wherever it appears.