Fire Agate Beads, Blue Oval 20x15mm
20x15mm Oval Blue Crab Fire Agate Beads

Fire Agate Beads, Blue Oval 20x15mm

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CLEARANCE 20mm x 15mm Oval Blue Fire Agate Beads by the Strand. There are an average of 16 beads per strand. - Sold by Industry Standard Strand - 5 min.

This gemstone emerged several years ago as Fire Agate. It is sometimes referred to as Crab Fire Agate. No matter what you call it, this is a truly unique and beautiful stone! Rather than having the distinctive banded appearance of many agates, Fire Agate Beads have a crackled look. The crackled, web-like patterns are created by heat treatment, and color enhancement produces the fiery blues, oranges, reds, browns and other colors Fire Agates come in. Some of the beads are translucent and seem to glow from within.