Druzy Agate Freeform Cab for Wire-Wrapping
Druzy Agate Freeform Cab for Wire-Wrapping

Druzy Cabochon, Titanium Rainbow DRUZY Cab, Freeform Gemstone Cabochon, 31x26mm

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Druzy Gemstone Cabochons - Into Creating One-of-a-Kind Jewelry? This is one for You!
Freeform Cabochon for Wire-Wrapping
Style : Freeform
Material : Druzy Agate
Coating : Titanium
Size : 31mm x 26mm x 10mm (thick)
Weight : 12.2 grams | 61.0 carats
One of a kind.

This beautiful druzy achieves its glitzy looks through a process known as vapor-coating or vapor-deposition. Vapor-coating begins in a vacuum chamber. The process uses titanium, platinum, high-karat gold or precious silver metals which is converted to a vapor and then mixed with oxygen. The metallic-oxygen vapor settles on the crystals of the druzy and bonds with them at the molecular level.