DRAGONESS Perfume Oil, Roll-on Perfume
Dragoness Perfume Oil - Dragon's Blood, Amber, Musk Roll-on Perfume

DRAGONESS Perfume Oil, Roll-on Perfume

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Dragoness Perfume Oil - A sensuous and magickally powerful blend of Dragon's Blood, Amber and Musk - bottled with a Piece of Dragon's Blood Resin and Bloodstone Crystal Chip.

This perfume contains a blend of high-quality phthalate-free perfumer's fragrance oils AND pure essential oils (including Rosewood, Benzoin and other Goodies).

Dragon's Blood - Spiritual Uses Include Power, Strength, Protection, Sexual Potency, Hex-Breaking, Uncrossing, Spiritual Cleansing and Spell Boosting

Bloodstone (also called heliotrope) is used for : circulation of energy in the body, removing energy blocks, boosting personal power, and enhancing creativity and intuition.

My perfume oils are well-scented and are Packaged in a portable, roll-on glass bottle with decorative cap -- and tamper-evident seal. To use simply remove the tamper seal, twist off cap, and roll-on apply to pulse points on your body (wrists and neck). Re-apply as needed. As with all perfumes these will smell different on different people and skin types. To maintain perfumes original state store in a cool dark place away from light, humidity and heat.

A Blend of Fractionated Coconut Oil and Local, Arizona-Harvested and Processed Organic Golden Jojoba Oil are the carrier oils in this perfume, so the feel will be non-greasy and light when you put it on.

* Alcohol-free
* Cruelty-free (tested on myself, family, and friends)
* Vegan
* Sustainably-harvested carrier oils
* Phthalate-free
* No artificial dyes or colors

This listing is for one 7.8ml bottle of Dragoness Perfume Oil Roll-On Fragrance. Perfect for your pocket, purse, desk drawer, or bureau.

Key Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance, Dragon's Blood Resin, Bloodstone Gemstone.


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Caution - This Product Contains Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. Some essential oils should not be used while pregnant, while breast-feeding, if you are epilpetic or if you have a heart condition. Please consult with your doctor before use. A patch-test is always advised. Not for internal use. Keep Out of Eyes, Mucous Membranes and Out of Reach of Pets, Children, etc. -- Common Sense Stuff Here Folks!

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