Sandalwood Halo CzechMates Brick Beads
Sandalwood Halo CzechMates Brick Beads

CzechMates 3x6mm Two Hole Brick Beads SANDALWOOD Halo

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Czechmates Sandalwood Halo 2 Hole Brick Beads
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Czechmates Sandalwood Halo Brick Two Hole Beads
Color | Finish : Sandalwood - Halo
Size : 3mm x 3mm x 6mm | Hole : 1.25mm
Origin : Czech Republic
Qty : ~50 beads / strand
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See All of our CzechMates 2-Hole Beads - CzechMate Brick Beads are Czech Glass rectangle brick-shaped pressed glass beads with two parallel holes. Each CzechMate Brick Bead measures 6mm by about 3mm wide and about 3mm thick and has softly-rounded edges and will not cut into your skin or thread. See for yourself. Use the BETTER BRICK BEAD... CzechMates Brick Beads.

CzechMate Beads are Interchangeable - Use ANY Czechmates Style for your bead work with the same pattern and the possibilities are endless! You will find many of the same colors in this line that include: TILES, LENTILS, TRIANGLES, BRICKS, DAGGERS, RIZO, SUPERDUO, and RULLA.


In Stock and Ready to Ship
In Stock and Ready to Ship