Czechmates Matte Jet Apollo Gold 2 Hole Brick Beads
Czechmates Matte Jet Apollo Gold 2 Hole Brick Beads

CzechMates 3x6mm Two Hole Brick Beads Matte BLACK Apollo GOLD

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Czechmates Matte Jet Apollo Gold 2 Hole Brick Beads
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Matte Jet Apollo Gold Czechmates 2-Hole Brick Beads
Style : CzechMates Two Hole Brick Beads
Color | Finish : Matte Jet with Apollo Gold
Size : 6mm x 3mm x 3mm | Hole : 1.25mm
Origin : Czech Republic
Qty : ~50 beads / strand
Sold by strand.

czechmates beads
See All of our CzechMates 2-Hole Beads - CzechMate Brick Beads are Czech Glass rectangle brick-shaped pressed glass beads with two parallel holes. Each CzechMate Brick Bead measures 6mm by about 3mm wide and about 3mm thick and has softly-rounded edges and will not cut into your skin or thread. See for yourself. Use the BETTER BRICK BEAD... CzechMates Brick Beads.

CzechMate Beads are Interchangeable - Use ANY Czechmates Style for your bead work with the same pattern and the possibilities are endless! You will find many of the same colors in this line that include: TILES, LENTILS, TRIANGLES, BRICKS, DAGGERS, RIZO, SUPERDUO, and RULLA.

Czech Mates (also called 'two hole beads') are the new rage in designer beading. Two hole beads don't just connect one strand to another, they add stability, shape and definition to any beadwork design. Create a bracelet foundation using basic stitches with CzechMates™ faster than with traditional seed beads.


In Stock and Ready to Ship