Czech Seed Bead Hank, Opal White, Size 12/0
Czech Seed Bead Hank, Opal White, Size 12/0

Czech Seed Beads, Opal White, Size 12/0, Hank

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CLEARANCE White Opal Czech Seed Beads Hank, Opal White, Size 12/0

Size 12/0 Czech seed bead hanks have 4,720 beads per hank, weigh ~36 grams / hank, and measure ~1.9mm per bead. Sold by Hank - 2 Hanks min.

Czech Seed Beads by the Hank are used in Traditional Bead Looming & Bead-Weaving techniques. They are immensely popular here in the Southwest (and rather hard to find). Czech seed beads have a rounded, squat, 'donut-like' profile. Individual beads are sometimes irregularly shaped, and weaving with them creates a textured surface.

Czech seed beads generally contain 12 strands of beads bundled as one Hank. Our line of seed bead hanks are genuine Czech seed beads made of glass. A hank is 12 loops (strands) grouped together. Each loop is ~20" long. Total length of beads is ~240" strung end to end.