Cherry Quartz Chips
Cherry Quartz Chips

Cherry Quartz Chip Beads

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Cherry Quartz beads. Expect variations in size, color and quality as these beads are freeform chips.

Cherry Quartz Chip Beads
Size : 5mm to 8mm - average 6mm
Style / Shape : Chips
Count : a lot!
Sold by : Long Strand - 34" to 36" in length

Cherry Quartz Crystal Beads - 'Fruit Quartz' is the general trade term for a group of colorful, translucent materials which are individually known by fruit-like names such as "cherry quartz", "blueberry quartz", "strawberry quartz", "kiwi quartz", "pineapple quartz", and so on. Despite the quartz part of their name, Cherry Quartz is a lab created quartz glass that beautifully simulates natural quartz which is tinted by red mineral crystals.