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3D Grape Chalice Earrings
3D Grape Chalice Earrings

Chalice Earirngs, Wine Earrings

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Celebrate the Harvest Festivals or the Bounty in Your Life! The 3 Dimensional Tibetan Silver Wine Glass Charms are covered in Grape clusters and have a cute Grape Leaf motif as well. Hung from your choice of silver plated or solid sterling silver earwires, the Grape Chalice Charms measures about 16mm x 11mm x 7mm (5/8" x just under 1/2"). On eawires, the Chalice Earrings are just over 1-inch long. All lead and nickel-free metals used. Sold by Pair.


The witches cup (chalice) is a variant of the cauldron of Ceridwen. It is usually made of silver, brass, animal horn, crystal, glass or ceramic... but can be of anything of the earth. The Chalice / Cup symbolizes the Goddess, a symbol of emotion and fertility. In ritual the chalice represents the female where the athame represents the male. Both are very important in magickal works and rites. Traditionally Symbolic of the Womb of the Goddess & Fertility. The Chalice is associated with the Element of Water.