Celtic Larimar Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver
Celtic Larimar Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver

Celtic Larimar Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver

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Celtic Larimar Pendant in Solid Sterling Silver - A hand-crafted natural high-quality oval-shaped Larimar Gemstone Cabochon bezel-set into a .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot surround -- Beautiful Statement Necklace for those who wish to get in touch with the Divine Feminine or the soothing energies of Sea and Sky... This blue stone is found in only in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea.

You'll receive the EXACT Hand-Made, OOAK Celtic Larimar Pendant pictured.

Sky Blue Larimar Pendant-Necklace Specifications :
Pendant Size, approx : 37mm x 15mm = just under 1-1/2-inches tall x just over 1/2-inch wide (0.59)
Please note, the attached jump-ring adds an additional approximate 4mm to overall length.
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver - Setting is .925 Hallmarked - chain is as well.
Gemstone : Genuine Larimar Cabochon crafted from material from the Dominican Republic
OOAK Item # : GSP478
Sold by : Pendant or Necklace -- on your Choice of 16" or 18" SS Chain.

LARIMAR - Found in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is also called "Stefilia's Stone" - As an embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky, metaphysically Larimar is used as a healer on physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual levels. Larimar is often used to help dissolve emotional barriers and release stored negative emotions such as anger, pent-up emotional pain and other detrimental emotions that are not beneficial.

This Pendant is made with Genuine Gemstone Larimar and Solid 92.5 Sterling Silver. Real Sterling NEVER contains nickel or lead. Our charms, pendants, earrings and findings listed as Sterling Silver in this shoppe are NOT silver plated or silver filled; they are NOT silver plated, or 'silver colored', 'antique silver' or sterling silver plated.

A Sterling, SS or .925 quality mark that is stamped directly on the object OR attached as a tag is supposed to indicate that the entire piece is Sterling Silver. According to the National Gold and Silver Act if a piece is marked or has an attached tag that says “sterling”, "SS" or “925,” it must be SOLID sterling Silver, not sterling silver plated or sterling silver filled. SADLY -- Lately many pieces coming out of different countries have a 925 stamped on them -- After we've had them assayed, however, it turns out many of these pieces are only 20 to 60-percent silver (not 92.5) -- Remember, ANYONE can stamp a piece -- .925 stamps are readily available on the jewelry making market.

We hope this information helps you when buying your Sterling Silver jewelry.

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