Blue Labradorite Slab End-piece - 1 Side Polished - Gemstone Cabbing Material or Display Specimen

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Lovely Blue Flash Labradorite from Madagascar. This is a 1-face Polished Slab End-cut -- If you're into making Doublets or Smaller Cabochons, you could probably get another slab out of this piece.... If you're not into cabbing, would make a beautiful paperweight or altar stone.

Blue Flash Labradorite
Gemstone Origin : Madagascar
Style : 1-Polished Face Slab End-Cut with Natural Stone Reverse
Weight : 280.0-carats | 56.0-grams | 1.98 oz.
Measurements, approx : 79.8mm x 45.9mm
Depth, approx : 11.73mm thick at center
OOAK # : Spec0115
You'll Receive the EXACT piece shown.

LABRADORITE : An important mystical gemstone, Labradorite is said to bridge the intellectual-scientific with the psychic-mystic worlds. Strongly associated with enhancing all psychic abilities. Use to Protect your aura from energy leakage, enhance intuition, improve rational thought and help use power wisely. Because it enhances psychic ability, protects, improves the intellect and teaches the responsible use of power, it is referred to as the 'Wizard's Stone'. Sister of Moonstone, Labradorite is a shimmery gemstone with flashes of 'fire', called 'Labradorescence' -- Its natural aggregate layers refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green, or coppery red. Discovered in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula, from whence it gets its name.


* I try to get the most accurate photo possible, however, due to the natural variation of certain stones and the differences in monitor settings, colors may vary slightly from what is pictured/listed here. As my Cabs and Slabs are Hand-crafted of natural gemstone material, please do not always expect machine-made and polished perfection. All stone measurements are listed in millimeters, as that's considered the standard measuring unit in the gemstone industry -- It's the most accurate. There are exactly 25.4mm to an inch which is just over the size of a U.S. Quarter (which is 24.26mm / 0.955 in). NOTE: Shipping on this item is +$1.50 over base.

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