Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant
Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

Black Crystal Skull Large Hole Dangle Charm-Pendant

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Charm | Pendant
Features a Wrapped 3D Skull, Black Crystals and Granulated Large Hole Bail.

When you see a skull, one should not rush to judgment or assume it represents a symbol of death.

The symbolism of skulls to many include: protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom and guidance, overcoming death, surviving through a difficult time, and/or even immortality.

Overall Measures : 29mm (1.14") long x 8mm (0.31") wide. The bead-bail hole size is approximately 6mm, and it is compatible with all of the well-known brand-name add-a-bead style jewelry systems.

This can also be slid onto a cord, chain, or ribbon, and worn as a pendant. Sorry, cord is not included.