Plum Purple S-Lon #18 Twisted Nylon Beading Cord Spool
Plum Purple S-Lon #18 Twisted Nylon Beading Cord Spool

PLUM S-Lon Beading Cord Superlon Beading Thread

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Plum Purple Bead Cord, Knotting Cord or Macrame Cord - Super-Lon (S-Lon) cord is A WONDERFUL Nylon beading thread for a multitude of jewelry-making projects: Great slide and heavy texture for Micro-Macrame, firmness and strength for Kumihimo Braiding, awesome support and colors for Leather Wrap Bracelets! This is extra heavy #18, twisted nylon multi-filament cord similar in weight and texture to upholstery thread. Since it's nylon, you can sear the ends.

Each spool contains approximately 77 yards of nylon cord that will fit through a size 12 beading needle; this beading thread measures approximately .5 mm wide.

Color : PLUM
Brand: The BeadSmith
Origin : USA
Sold by : Spool