BROWN Griffin Silk Beading Cord with Needle Size 6
Griffin 100% Silk Bead Cord Size 6, Brown

BROWN Griffin Silk Beading Cord with Needle Size 6

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Size 6 BROWN Griffin Silk Beading Cord with Attached Needle 2 Meters - Truly nothing is as soft or as smooth as silk jewelry cord! Silk, also referred to as Naturseide, is the traditional stringing material used by beaders for centuries. Griffin Silk Bead Cord is one of the most popular choices when tying knots between beads in the traditional pearl-knotted style or any design in which a visible cord is an integral part. A twisted stainless steel beading needle is attached to one end of the 100 percent silk cord. Doubling the thread is unnecessary, and the cord can be easily knotted because the thread has the correct twist.

Color : Chocolate Brown
Thickness: .70mm / .028"
Length: Approximately 6-1/2 feet (2-meters) in length per card.
Origin: Germany
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